Weekly Updates

Hello all,
Our next meeting is December 7th at Manhattan’s.
Long time and very devoted Kiwanian Tom Crawford has passed. He was also a Viet Nam Veteran.

The following is information from President Michael regarding the Sherman School Christmas gatherings:
Good Afternoon, Here are some quick notes on our Sherman School plans.
I’m in the process of having the teachers pick a book. Not sure of delivery but we’ll see.
John E. is reading three different books and we will donate those to the library.
John will be reading at Sherman the following based on grade level:

  • The Wishing Tree by Meika Hashimoto
  • Piney The Lonesome Pine by Jane West Bakerink
  • The First Christmas Night by Keith Christopher

Goody Bag Stuffing will be on Wednesday December 14th at 3:45 p.m. Shopping date is still TBD
Pizza lunch is a go for Monday December 19th. Still working on the details of time for us to distribute.

If you were not at The Thanksgiving Basket Stuffing event this is what you missed…
And many thanks to those that donated extra monies. We were able to purchase some really nice books for each basket.
We make a difference in the lives of so many.

Good morning,

An update on Kiwanis Thanksgiving baskets -
Thanks to our members - both at the meeting and those unable to attend our meetings - that donated money to our baskets. Our Kiwanis Club budgeted for all the usual necessities to fill the baskets; however, through the generous contributions we received, we are now able to also purchase extras that may brighten up the lives of our recipients. We can still take donations - you can Paypal/Venmo me directly and I will give the monies to those shopping, or mail to me at 2315 Densmore Drive Toledo 43606 (just let me know so we can add that money to the budget).
Soup list for Saturday
cream of potato
Mexican ministrone
beef mushroom
Pie list for Saturday
lemon meringue
chocolate for Greg
dutch apple
coconut cream
black raspberry for Kyle
bread pudding
Hope to see you Saturday at Brian Miller/Paul Swartz home at 2040 Robinwood (10 - 10:30)

Good morning

We will meet at Manhattan’s at noon tomorrow. We will be finalizing our Kiwanis Basket Stuffing details for this Saturday. I believe we will also "pass a hat” for donations. For those that are not able to attend the meeting, but wish to donate, please contact me and we will get you the information necessary.

So far this is what I have:


1500 E. Alexis Road, Toledo OH 43612


Meet by Customer Service

Greg Loeb cell 419-265-0999

Then to Brian Miller’s home at 2020 Robinwood to assemble the baskets. For those that are not going shopping, please meet at Robinwood between 10:00 to 10:30. After we fix the 25 baskets that go to Mom’s House, we will enjoy soups and pies made by Paul Swartz. As stated in previous emails, your attendance and help is so important to the community and the reason we joined a service organization. Even if you’ve been unable to join us at Wednesday meetings, it’s certainly ok for you to join us on Saturday. We are Kiwanis STRONG!

And this from Elizabeth:

Good morning!

Just wanted to share that the Kiwanis Club of Toledo scholarship application is now open. TPS Foundation has added specific questions for our scholarship process to their overall application, and it is available to all TPS seniors through early spring. The application process can be found here: https://givetpsf.org/scholarships/ and TPS Foundation will promote the scholarship on social media on December 7.

Ashley Yoakam is diligently working to ensure all graduating seniors from Toledo Public Schools are aware of the generous funds available to them, and will be going into the schools to promote the process and answer questions. I look forward to a robust and fruitful partnership between our organizations!

I have Saturday morning marked off on my calendar- looking forward to building those Thanksgiving baskets again! Hope to see you there

Elizabeth Hoerner

Subject: Kiwanis Youth Foundation(KYF) Trustees
Date: November 3, 2022 at 12:14:37 PM EDT
We are looking for two club members to sit on the Kiwanis Youth Foundation as directors/trustees.   The responsibility would be to attend regular KYF meetings that are held quarterly, review the prior quarter meeting minutes, KYF financials and any new business.   Anyone interested can contact me directly.
Don Starbuck
KYF Secretary

Kiwanis Club of Toledo
4560 Heatherdowns Blvd.
Toledo OH 43614